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We are committed to quality and offering new and innovative solutions. Provide fast and efficient service to chemical industry
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Supplying the best chemical products since 1990


"Loloaa of Egypt" was established in 1990 as an arm of mixing, bottling, manufacturing and marketing chemicals for a group of companies

As of today, it has grown into one of the leading marketing companies in the field of chemical raw materials

Marketing of more than 300 different products in the sectors of disinfectants, personal detergents, commodities, detergents, personal care raw materials and perfumes


Loloaa is a world-class leader in chemical product innovation; To make the lives of its customers more comfortable, healthy and uplifting


Loloaa is a world-class company that excels in the innovation of chemical products; Which makes the lives of its customers more comfortable, healthy, and sophisticated, using the latest technologies of the age, and based on extended experience of more than thirty years, and through a harmonious team, and a brotherly work atmosphere that brings joy, creativity and continuous mastery, and in light of the latest management systems, to maximize the continuous value And exchanged with our partners, seeking in all this the pleasure of God, and then the elevation of the homeland.

Why do clients choose us?

As a result of our vision, we are committed to quality, so we provide high quality products but at an affordable cost

favors customers because of its core values, strong knowledge and technical support

We are also interested in green chemicals, environmental compliance and quality management

What is our strength?

In the Loloaa of Egypt group

We are committed to quality, providing new and innovative solutions, providing good and prompt technical service and supporting the chemical industry

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شعار النسخة التجريبية
شعار النسخة التجريبية
شعار النسخة التجريبية
شعار النسخة التجريبية

Success Partners

قيم العمل

From the standpoint of our global vision and our lofty message, we and all our employees proceed from a set of values and business principles, which we are committed to towards ourselves and all those dealing with us, both internally and externally, and we summarize them as follows:

Teamwork, honesty and integrity, passion for excellence and leadership, spirit of challenge and success, innovation, development and continuous learning, perfection in business performance, integrity and chastity, customer satisfaction, mutual respect, virtuous ethics


Meet our Executive Team

فريق المؤسسة

Mohamed Wafeeq, Sales Manager

Mohamed Wafeeq An owner of a broad market vision, Mohamed is the driving force behind the establishment. He likes to personally follow up on sales and has special strategies for reviewing customer reviews

فريق المؤسسة

Baher Mohammedi, Financial Manager

ساعدنا باهر بخبرته الكبيرة على فهم وتحسين الأرقام بسهولة إنه عازم على تحقيق النجاح واستغلال فطنته المهنية لنقل الشركة للمستوى التالي  

فريق المؤسسة

Syed El-Shimy, Director of Operations Department

Syed El-Shimy is an iconic character who loves what she does. He directs over 100 employees within the company and nurtures a large community Consists of hundreds of dealers and distributors